Brooklands Museum to reopen 1st Aug 2020

Brooklands Museum in is set to reopen on Saturday 1st Aug and we were lucky enough to be invited to have a look around and see what covid-19 precautions they have put in place so they can reopen.

Brooklands was the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, constructed at Weybridge, in 1907 but it became more than a great sporting arena. Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements throughout eight decades of the 20th century.

Some of the most famous planes of their decades started life at Brooklands including Sopwith Camels, Wellington Bombers and Hawker Hurricane.

Brooklands Museum car collection is focused on the 1907 banked motor course and its influence on the development of the motorcar. They reflect the history of the UK’s world-leading motorsport industry, which grew up at Brooklands before the Second World War and was still largely focused in the local area in the post-war years. Cars on display in the Motoring Village exhibitions of the Museum include the 24-litre Napier-Railton, a 1904 Siddeley 2-seater tourer that was owned by Ethel Locke King, the 126/1927 Delage that took part in the first British Grand Prix and the record-breaking 1912 Lorraine Dietrich Vieux Charles III and many more including the Grand Prix shed 

With museums being allowed to reopen from the 4th July Brooklands have taken their time to make sure the area is safe for all their visitors and all their volunteers.  So what has changed?

To start with you are required to pre book your tickets online there will be no tickets available on the gate. There are several ticket options including a family ticket of 2 adults and up to 3 children for just £42.55 without a donation. For more details on tickets and how to book CLICK HERE

When you arrive you are greeted by a lovely smile all the volunteers as so glad to be back and that the museum is open again. Before you enter you have to have your temperature check. It goes without saying if you have any systems of Covid-19 or generally unwell Don’t Visit

There are plenty of hand sanitizers around the museum and the route around the sheds are clearly marked one way. But all the interactive parts of the museum including sitting in Lewis Hamilton F1 car is closed. But this still doesn’t spoil a great day out.

The museum has worked hard to make sure that one of their star attractions Concorde is still open to the public.

The tours now start under Concord with a talk about the relationship between Brooklands and Concorde and what it was like to fly in at supersonic speed. The Concorde experience, where you sit in the plane and feel what it was like on take off has had to be cancelled.

The tour groups are smaller and include a 2 family bubbles up to a maximum of 10 people. After the talk each individual bubble can walk through the plane. Mask and gloves are supplied but to help the museum if you can supply your own that would be very much appreciated. Once the first group have cleared the plane the second group are allowed on.

After each tour the volunteers wipe down all of the surfaces which may have been touched including the handrails, headrests and seat arms and every morning before the exhibit is open it is given a deep clear to make sure its a safe environment.

There is plenty to see outside including walking on part of the original track which is over 100 years old. You can get up close to the world famous banking. You are advised not to walk on it. From the banking you get some idea of the shape and layout and your imagination can still see and hear the cars from bygone days.

If you want to take a picnic you can but there is a wonderful food stall outside offering a range of hot and cold food and drinks as well a delicious ice cream. There are plenty of chairs and tables around the venue or you may just like to relax in a deckchair on the lawn outside the old club house

Near the picnic area twice a day a small selection of cars and motorbikes will race up the home straight so you can experience the sight and sounds of Brooklands.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, for no additional cost, budding transport enthusiasts can take a ride on a vintage bus around Brooklands. Of course face Covering will be required.

All in all Brooklands Museum have done a great job to make your visit safe and enjoyable. It a great museum with so much history and we feel at a great affordable price.

Opening hours have changed and as we said you do need to prebook but there’s not many places were you can step back in time to the days of innovation, determination and record-breaking on the site of the World’s first racetrack. 

For more information or to book your tickets CLICK HERE

Note: What’s On was invited to attend and we have not be paid for this review. This review is our own personal opinion of the venue.

Bidding reopens

Community and voluntary groups are being given a further opportunity to help shape the future of their local area by submitting bids for funding from Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Bidding originally opened in the spring and was suspended as the council prioritised the COVID response and council staff were moved to ensure vulnerable residents had the necessary support.

The bidding reopens in August and proposals, including endorsement by a councillor, must be received before the end of September.

Councillor Eber Kington, Chairman of the Strategy & Resources Committee said “We are pleased to be able to make the latest round of funding available and we hope local community organisations will take advantage of this opportunity.

“While the COVID situation remains, this is a further demonstration of the council supporting local initiatives for the benefit of the local community and economy. CIL funding must be used for infrastructure projects, so this particular funding cannot be used for other worthwhile causes.” 

CIL is a levy payable by developers and is charged according to the size of developments. 15% of CIL is set aside for community bids and, for 2020/2021, there is £250,000 available to support a range of projects, both large and small.

Bids must have the support of a borough councillor and it’s advisable for groups to discuss plans with their Ward councillors and the relevant council departments to help shape their bids before submission.

The scheme has been running for two years and successful schemes include, funding for new children’s playground equipment, restoration of footpaths in Horton Country Park and additional street lights. Funding in 19/20 was also agreed for improving community clubs, including a boxing club and scout premises.

The closing date for 2020/21 applications is 30th September 2020.

Bids will be evaluated by a panel of councillors in two stages, bids successfully passing the first stage will be asked for more detailed information before the successful schemes are selected. Winning bids will be announced in January.

To read the CIL Neighbourhood Portion fund guidance and to apply via the application forms Click Here

Borough responds to County proposal

In September the Government will publish a white paper on regional devolution and local recovery.

Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government, Simon Clarke MP, stated earlier this month that this would include the government’s transformative plan “…with many more elected mayors and more unitary councils”. The plans have been described as possibly the biggest local government shake-up since 1974.

Surrey County Council has written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP, proposing a single Surrey wide council serving 1.2million people.

In a joint letter this week, the Surrey boroughs and districts joined together to highlight their concerns to the Secretary of State about the county council’s ambition. They have requested that government ministers keep an open mind on emerging proposals to change how local government works in the county. Borough and district leaders say that only by hearing all opinions can the wellbeing of residents be safeguarded.

The councillors, representing every part of Surrey, called upon Robert Jenrick to give them a fair hearing if the county council is asked to submit a more detailed proposal.

Councillor Eber Kington, Chairman Strategy & Resources Committee said “The county council bid to take on responsibility for all services for Surrey’s 1.2 million residents, means that as Epsom and Ewell local councillors we need to work urgently with other Surrey District and Borough councillors to a set out the case for the retention of local democracy and locally accountable decision making.

“It is difficult to understand why the Government is in such a rush to re-organise local government at time when all councils are focusing on their key role in supporting the COVID-19 recovery.

“Our focus will be on ensuring that any changes to local government in Surrey continue to provide for local democratic accountability, decision making at the lowest level commensurate with effective delivery, efficient and cost effective service delivery, and local councils with a clear understanding of their people and place”.

To download and read the Letter from Boroughs and Districts to Robert Jenrick MP – Click Here

Ewell Bus Gate Cancelled

On the 15th july we published a letter from Surrey County Council regarding Emergency Covid 19 Active Travel Measures in Ewell village and the installation of a Bus Gate.

We can now confirmed this has been cancelled after  a high level of feedback from the local community. Below are the  2 letters which we have been sent regarding the issue.

Here is the letter from Nick Healey, Area Highway Manager confirming this:

Dear Residents
We have received a high level of feedback from the local community regarding this particular scheme.  The majority of the feedback opposed to the proposed scheme to introduce a temporary bus gate in the High Street.  This would have prevented drivers using Ewell Village as a through route, and would have resulted in a substantial reduction in traffic in Ewell Village.  Nevertheless we understand residents’ concerns including the possibility of traffic diverting along routes through residential areas as well as the lack of local consultation due to the time factors the Government associated with this type of scheme.
We did however also receive a considerable amount of correspondence  supporting the scheme or at least the idea of reducing traffic through the village.
From the outset the local Councillors have been listening to all the views expressed to them and have been working behind the scenes with Surrey County Council (SCC ) to try and resolve as many of issues as possible which were brought to their attention.
Due to the fast moving nature of the project and the restrictive timescales, it has not always been possible to quickly update local residents.
We have therefore reviewed all of the feedback with County Cllr John Beckett, and it has been decided that we will not implement the scheme as it currently stands.
The feedback we have received has confirmed a desire to improve Ewell Village and so we will continue to engage with local stakeholders through Surrey County Council’s Local Committee for Epsom & Ewell.  It is possible that this may result in a different scheme being proposed in due course.  Please note there is no guarantee that funding would be available to promote an alternative scheme.
The background to this is that the Government has asked Highway Authorities to develop and deliver schemes to assist with social distancing, and to promote active travel (cycling and walking).  The Government is expecting Highways Authorities to take road capacity away from motorists and reallocate this for other modes of transport.  For example in Farnham town centre SCC have narrowed roads and widened pavements to provide more space for pedestrians to assist with social distancing and promote active travel. If you are interested there is more information about this on our website here:
The Government is encouraging Highway Authorities across the country to be radical, and we appreciate that this will cause concern for local communities.
Nevertheless we would like to implement schemes that are supported by local communities wherever possible, and to listen to any feedback that we receive when developing and implementing these schemes. We have heard clearly that the majority of the local community in Ewell Village does not want the proposed scheme to go ahead in its current form.
A number of people have asked why we have not consulted the community in the way that we normally would.  This is because the timetable set by the Government to deliver the first tranche of schemes was eight weeks from the date when funding was announced.  This did not give us time to undertake the kind of comprehensive consultation we would normally do.  Instead we have tried to use local networks to let as many people as possible know what we were considering, and thereby give as many people as possible the opportunity to respond.
If you have any further queries please could you direct them to [email protected]
Yours sincerely,
Nick Healey
Area Highway Manager
Surrey County Council

Brian Angus, Chairman of Ewell Village Residents’ Association has also sent out a letter yesterday 29th July regarding the Bus Gate but also the problems facing Ewell Village.Read His Letter Below 

‘Bus gate’ and the problems of Ewell High Street

Sharing residents’ concerns about Ewell High Street, EVRA carried out a study just before Coronavirus and the ‘Lock-down’ came into effect. We also knew residents had serious concerns about the effects of traffic with the problems of parking, speeding and poor air quality.

The study revealed that we have a total of 740m of shop window frontage with only 22% offering retail goods of which one third were food. Thirty six percent were inaccessible to shoppers being either vacant or offices or already converted to residential-use. These trends seemed likely to continue.

We could never have predicted the many and serious effects of the virus but virtually overnight these included the streets falling silent, the car parks emptying and EVRA losing its traditional means of communication via the Newsletter and our network of Road Stewards now subject to ‘Shielding’.

We understood then and we understand now, that any measures that affect High Street traffic create winners and losers, and deep concerns amongst traders and residents.

From a Government initiative came the proposal for a ‘Bus gate’ in High Street between the junctions of Cheam Road and West Street / Church Street. I (writes EVRA Chairman Brian Angus) hand-delivered a note to 65 High Street businesses drawing their attention to the proposals, offering to email them details and to hear their reactions.

EVRA met two weeks ago and recognised that the proposal presented opportunities but also some potentially-serious pitfalls. From our many emails, phone conversations, reactions on social media and our socially-distanced face-to-face conversations we knew the proposal had both supporters and others who could see a range of problems and side-effects.

As I write (on July 29th) I anticipate an announcement that Surrey County Council will withdraw the proposal.

In these seriously-difficult times EVRA continues to grapple with the problems facing our village and those who live, work, study, visit and play here. If you would like to join us, please get in touch.

Brian Angus
[email protected]
Chairman – Ewell Village Residents’ Association

Representing 2,300 households in Ewell village Listening, and getting things done – EVRA since 1927. find us on Facebook @ewellresidents

Littering epidemic in Epsom and Ewell parks

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council is running a new campaign over the summer months due to the increases in littering and anti-social behaviour that have been seen since lockdown eased.

The campaign, developed by Keep Britain Tidy, comes after a new survey carried out by the environmental charity shows that more than half of the country’s parks have had to pull in extra resources to deal with the issues, including litter and anti-social behaviour since lockdown was eased.

Of those, 81% have had to spend more on clearing up litter, 79% on bin emptying and 72% on maintaining public order or enforcing lockdown rules. Councils also reported clearing up on average 57 tonnes of additional waste from their parks.

Councillor Barry Nash, Chair of the Community and Wellbeing Committee commented “Our largest parks, especially Nonsuch, have seen huge numbers descending on them and even our smallest parks like Elizabeth Welchman Gardens in central Epsom, have seen a marked increase in visits.

“Normally this use of the borough’s green spaces is something we are delighted to see; however, the levels of litter and waste being left by members of the public has reached unprecedented levels. Council staff with many years of experience working in parks, claim they have never known a period as bad as this.

“Thankfully, the community spirit of the army of local volunteers, who give up their time to undertake litter picks in our green spaces, along with our own street cleaning team and Park Rangers, have managed to keep the huge tide of litter from completely defiling one of the  borough’s greatest assets”.

The new campaign, under the umbrella of ‘Love Parks’, uses behavioural insights that show people respond better to messages from individuals and features images of real parks staff and park users, with quotes that talk about how anti-social behaviour makes them feel, with each one urging people to ‘be kind’ to their park.

Richard McIlwain, Deputy Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: “The UK was the birthplace of the public park and their value was recognised by many people during lockdown as a haven of greenspace, for exercise and relaxation.

“But, as lockdown measures have eased, we’ve seen a significant minority of people abuse these treasured spaces, with shocking scenes of anti-social behaviour, including littering, people using parks as toilets and abuse of parks staff.

“This campaign, which has been made available to every local authority in the country and which is based on behavioural science, will act as an effective nudge to actively encourage people to treat our beautiful parks – and the amazing staff who work in them – with respect this summer.”

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “As the coronavirus lockdown has eased, the amount of litter being left in parks, green spaces and beaches across the country is unacceptable. I wholeheartedly support Keep Britain Tidy’s new campaign to tackle this issue.

There is simply no excuse to leave rubbish behind, and councils can issue fines of up to £150 to those caught doing it. If you are unable to dispose of litter, then please take it home so you don’t destroy what you have come to enjoy.”

Increase In Fake Amazon Prime Calls

Surrey Police is issuing a warning about scam callers purporting to be from Amazon Prime, after a recent, sudden spike in reports. 

Since 1 July, the force has received 20 reports of this type of fraud. Thankfully no money has been lost but victims have been left shaken and worried.

This crime typically involves a phone call from someone claiming to from Amazon Prime and stating that an amount (usually for £79.99) will be taken from their account to renew a subscription. Many victims are advised to press a number on their phone as an option to not pay for the subscription. The scammer will then talk them through installing an app on their phone or tablet, and confirming their personal and banking details in order to stop the payment. Of course this is all an attempt to get the victim to transfer money to the caller’s bank account.

PC Bernadette Lawrie BEM, the Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer for Surrey Police said: “The evil perpetrators of this time of crime prey on the most vulnerable in our communities and often target a generation who aren’t as familiar with technology.

“We know people in other parts of the country have lost devastating sums of money to calls like these so urge residents to be wary of any calls about subscription payments.

“Remember – don’t give or confirm your personal or banking details with an unexpected caller. If you’re unsure if the call is legitimate, hang up and verify the number with a trusted source, such as the company’s official website, or call a good friend or family member for advice.”

Surrey Police’s top tips to help stop this type of fraud are:

  • Act with care if you get an unsolicited phone call

  • Never transfer funds into another account on the instruction of an unexpected caller – even if they tell you the account is in your name

  • Always check your phone line has properly disconnected before making another call – try calling a good friend first, wait five minutes or use a different landline or mobile

  • Never share your PIN number or enter your PIN into a telephone          

For further advice and information on preventing this type of fraud, see the Surrey Police website.

Better Rainbow Leisure Centre reopen from 25th July

Better Rainbow Leisure, run on behalf of Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, has announced its plans for a phased reopening from 25 July 2020.

Following COVID Secure guidance, anyone wishing to use the facilities will need to pre-book a one hour time slot via the Better app or website.

In the centre, signage and floor markings will assist with one-way access and social distancing. Equipment within gym areas will be reduced to ensure that 2 metres social distancing between users is maintained, while some fitness classes will be relocated to sports halls.

Swim customers are requested to arrive ‘beach ready’ with their costume on under their clothes to save time and reduce pressure on change areas. Gym and studio customers will be encouraged to bring their own drinking water – and shower and change at home.

The play park, general bookings and spa will be re-launched after the initial phase of re-opening.

Staff will be adopting a new, enhanced cleaning regime, while customers will be asked to wipe down the equipment that they have used. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout leisure centre buildings.

All Better members will be given access to all Better facilities UK wide for the foreseeable future.

They will also be given the option to continue to freeze their memberships as will any members who don’t feel confident returning to the centres initially or who might have health conditions that put them at higher risk of infection from COVID-19.

David Hughes Partnership Manager, Better said:

“After nearly four months of lockdown, we are delighted to finally have the green light for reopening our leisure facilities in a phased fashion.

“Keeping people safe is now a shared responsibility and as a leisure operator we will be working in partnership with customers to ensure they have complete confidence when they return. 

“We’ll be ensuring enhanced sanitisation of equipment and public areas. Customers can help by downloading our Better app, pre-booking their slot and arriving on time and dressed for their activity.

“The changes we are making will ensure we can maintain social distancing in centre and provide the best possible experience for customers.

“We recognise that some people may be worried about returning to their local leisure facilities, so we will continue to offer free access to online fitness and exercises classes via our Better app.”

“We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Councillor Barry Nash, Chair of the council’s Community and Wellbeing Committee said:

“It is thanks to everyone who followed official guidance that we’ve reached this positive milestone in our fight against the coronavirus pandemic and bringing local services back into operation.

“Reopening the Rainbow Centre will be a very positive step, especially for those people who have been missing their regular indoor exercise.

“We have confidence in the GLL team in creating a safe and positive environment for our returning leisure centre customers and that they are putting the necessary arrangements into place in the shortest possible time frame.”

Information about the reopening will be published through the Rainbow Centre’s website:

Emergency Covid 19 Active Travel Measures – Ewell Village High Street

***UPDATE*** A petition has now been set up to try and stop the Ewell Bus Gate being implemented. If you like to sign the petition CLICK HERE

Surrey Highways to impose emergency Covid-19 active travel measures in Ewell Village between West St/Church St and Cheam Road. 

Residents and businesses have been sent a letter today ,15th July, outlining the plan which will start within 6 weeks and last for 3 months.

Here is the letter in full:

Dear Resident/Business Owner,

Emergency Covid 19 Active Travel Measures – Ewell Village High Street

Following the government’s recent announcements, we have been working to identify potential Active Travel schemes across the county. The government has given councils the authority to introduce emergency measures during the coronavirus pandemic to support social distancing within towns and to promote alternative ways to travel such as walking and cycling.

We have been working with our partners to identify potential locations where improved spaces for walkers and cyclists would help residents to get out and about as lockdown is gradually lifted. One site that has been chosen to introduce these temporary measures is Ewell Village High Street. This site has been chosen because there are shops and businesses in the High Street, but the footways are narrow in places so there isn’t enough space for pedestrians to circulate and maintain social distancing.

We will be introducing a ‘Bus Gate’ feature on the High Street – between Cheam Road and West Street / Church Street. This will remove all through traffic from Ewell Village except for buses and cyclists. While the space would not be allocated uniquely to pedestrians, with much reduced traffic levels this will encourage shoppers to return and support the shops and businesses like yourselves.

Access for both residents and businesses will remain at all times throughout the duration of the scheme but not through the bus gate. Road access will be via the Reigate Road or East Street Junctions. The car parks at Dorset House and the Green Man can be accessed via the Cheam Road.

Only buses and cyclists will be permitted to pass through the Bus Gate. Access for pedestrians will not be affected. All other vehicles will have to use alternate routes to access either Ewell West / Ewell East and Stoneleigh.

What are we hoping to achieve?

It’s vital that people are able to stay safe when cycling and walking, and to have the space they need to pass each other safely. This is particularly necessary in response to the Government’s strategic objective:

“Local authorities in areas with high levels of public transport use should take measures to reallocate road space to people walking and cycling, both to encourage active travel and to enable social distancing during restart (social distancing in this context primarily refers to the need for people to stay 2 metres apart where possible when outdoors). Local authorities where public transport use is low should be considering all possible measures. Measures should be taken as swiftly as possible, and in any event within weeks, given the urgent need to change travel habits before the restart takes full effect


Surrey was granted £848,000 by the government to support the roll out of active travel schemes. We are therefore the money received from the government, to provide a total budget of £1.69M.

Is this temporary?

These are temporary emergency active travel schemes and are intended to be for 3 months. There is a second tranche of longer term strategic active travel measures that will be prioritised and developed.

Why has there been no consultation?

These are temporary emergency active travel measures to meet the challenge of being able to stay safe when cycling and walking, and to have the space needed to pass each other safely, as we recover from the COVID 19 restrictions. This is in response to the reduced capacity on public transport and to build on the changes in travel choices that have seen a marked increase in active travel.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to consult with all affected residents about these temporary emergency active travel schemes due to the tight timescales set by the Government. However, the views of residents will be noted and taken into consideration with any tweaks to the current pilot schemes. These will help inform any changes of approach for emergency active travel measures in other locations.

What if it is not successful will the measures be kept in place for the entire trial?

Sometimes schemes operate in practice differently to how they were designed, and safety assessed, even after the initial change has had time to settle. These temporary measures will be continuously monitored to assess both for ongoing road safety and effectiveness at supporting cycling and walking.

Feedback from residents and businesses is vital throughout the duration of the scheme to ensure a successful outcome for Ewell Village. Comments can be by sent to us via email [email protected] or by phone on 0300 200 1003.

Further Information

The Bus Gate is scheduled to installed within the next 6 weeks. Advanced Warning Signs detailing the start date of the restrictions will be placed around Ewell Village and surrounding roads to give motorists, businesses and residents warning of when the changes will start.

Up to date information on details of any works in progress, or planned to take place can be found on the Surrey County Council website here;

Yours Sincerely,

Nick Healey
NE Area Team Manager
Surrey Highways

To see the letter  CLICK HERE

If we understand this right to access any of the car parks off Cheam Rd coming from London Rd, Chessington Rd or Kingston Rd you will have to go up to the Organ Inn junction then turn right along the bypass to the roundabout before heading down Reigate Rd.

What is a worry in paragraph 4 of the letter he states “Road access will be via the Reigate Road or East Street Junctions.” Correct me if i’m wrong but there is no East St in Ewell village. Does he mean Epsom Rd? East St stops at Kiln Lane.

I would encourage you all to email [email protected] now and voice your concerns. 

For details of your local Surrey County Councillor CLICK HERE

For details of your local Epsom & Ewell Councillor CLICK HERE

***UPDATE*** A petition has now been set up to try and stop the Ewell Bus Gate being implemented. If you like to sign the petition CLICK HERE

Witness appeal following a series of robberies in Ewell

Surrey Police are appealing for witnesses following a robbery and attempted robbery in Ewell this week.

The first of these occurred on Sunday 12th July. Officers were called to Nonsuch Park, Seymour Avenue in Ewell following an attempt robbery which occurred around 11:30am. The victim was approached by a man who threatened him with a weighted sock and demanded his watch. He then assaulted the victim who managed to get away and call the police.

The suspect is described as a mixed race man, around 20 years old of a skinny build and with a British accent. He was wearing a black hoodie which was pulled over his face.

Yesterday 13th July, officers were called to a section of land close to Nonsuch Park, Seymour Avenue in Ewell after a couple were robbed at knifepoint at around 11am. The two victims were walking close to the park when they were approached by two men who threatened them before demanding one of their watches.  

The first suspect is described as a light skinned Caribbean man, in his early teens or late 20s, of a thin build and clean shaven. He was wearing dark trousers and a dark hoodie. He was said to be carrying a large black handled kitchen knife.

The second suspect is described as a man of heavy build and shorter than the other suspect. He was around 5 ft 8”.

Surrey Police are appealing to anyone who may have seen anything suspicious on either day or have any further information to call 101, quoting reference number PR/45200072515.

Inspector Jon Vale, Borough Commander for Epsom and Ewell said “We are looking to speak to anyone who may have seen something suspicious in the park this past week.

“We are also urging anyone who may have been the victim of a similar crime but not reported to get in touch and report to us.

“This crime will not be tolerated and we want to reassure the local community that we are doing everything we can to hold those who are responsible to account.”

A 18 year old man and a 17 year old boy from Ewell have been arrested in connection with the robbery yesterday 13th July.  

Decision on The Wells Centre deferred

The decision on Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s application to redevelop The Wells Centre has been deferred, following a virtual Planning Committee meeting held on 9 July 2020.

“We have noted the committee’s decision and feedback from the meeting,” said Councillor Eber Kington, Chairman of the Strategy and Resources Committee and representing the council as the applicant.

“The application provided a vision for much needed additional housing, a new playground, a new purpose built community centre, as well as affording protection to public rights of way, so there are specific elements of the scheme which we are still keen to pursue.  We will now reconsider the overall design, taking on board feedback from the committee and community.”

Councillor Clive Woodbridge, Chairman of the Planning Committee, said:

“I am grateful to all of the members of the public who joined the virtual committee meeting.  Even in the midst of the pandemic, we have shown that the democratic process is alive and well. 

“Our borough needs to balance the provision of new homes and community facilities with maintaining its unique character.  It is our duty to objectively consider all opportunities put before us and ensure that developments coming forward keep this delicate balance in mind.”

66 members of the public watched the virtual committee meeting online, or listened in by telephone, and there were five public speakers