Brooklands Museum to reopen 1st Aug 2020

Brooklands Museum in is set to reopen on Saturday 1st Aug and we were lucky enough to be invited to have a look around and see what covid-19 precautions they have put in place so they can reopen.

Brooklands was the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, constructed at Weybridge, in 1907 but it became more than a great sporting arena. Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements throughout eight decades of the 20th century.

Some of the most famous planes of their decades started life at Brooklands including Sopwith Camels, Wellington Bombers and Hawker Hurricane.

Brooklands Museum car collection is focused on the 1907 banked motor course and its influence on the development of the motorcar. They reflect the history of the UK’s world-leading motorsport industry, which grew up at Brooklands before the Second World War and was still largely focused in the local area in the post-war years. Cars on display in the Motoring Village exhibitions of the Museum include the 24-litre Napier-Railton, a 1904 Siddeley 2-seater tourer that was owned by Ethel Locke King, the 126/1927 Delage that took part in the first British Grand Prix and the record-breaking 1912 Lorraine Dietrich Vieux Charles III and many more including the Grand Prix shed 

With museums being allowed to reopen from the 4th July Brooklands have taken their time to make sure the area is safe for all their visitors and all their volunteers.  So what has changed?

To start with you are required to pre book your tickets online there will be no tickets available on the gate. There are several ticket options including a family ticket of 2 adults and up to 3 children for just £42.55 without a donation. For more details on tickets and how to book CLICK HERE

When you arrive you are greeted by a lovely smile all the volunteers as so glad to be back and that the museum is open again. Before you enter you have to have your temperature check. It goes without saying if you have any systems of Covid-19 or generally unwell Don’t Visit

There are plenty of hand sanitizers around the museum and the route around the sheds are clearly marked one way. But all the interactive parts of the museum including sitting in Lewis Hamilton F1 car is closed. But this still doesn’t spoil a great day out.

The museum has worked hard to make sure that one of their star attractions Concorde is still open to the public.

The tours now start under Concord with a talk about the relationship between Brooklands and Concorde and what it was like to fly in at supersonic speed. The Concorde experience, where you sit in the plane and feel what it was like on take off has had to be cancelled.

The tour groups are smaller and include a 2 family bubbles up to a maximum of 10 people. After the talk each individual bubble can walk through the plane. Mask and gloves are supplied but to help the museum if you can supply your own that would be very much appreciated. Once the first group have cleared the plane the second group are allowed on.

After each tour the volunteers wipe down all of the surfaces which may have been touched including the handrails, headrests and seat arms and every morning before the exhibit is open it is given a deep clear to make sure its a safe environment.

There is plenty to see outside including walking on part of the original track which is over 100 years old. You can get up close to the world famous banking. You are advised not to walk on it. From the banking you get some idea of the shape and layout and your imagination can still see and hear the cars from bygone days.

If you want to take a picnic you can but there is a wonderful food stall outside offering a range of hot and cold food and drinks as well a delicious ice cream. There are plenty of chairs and tables around the venue or you may just like to relax in a deckchair on the lawn outside the old club house

Near the picnic area twice a day a small selection of cars and motorbikes will race up the home straight so you can experience the sight and sounds of Brooklands.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, for no additional cost, budding transport enthusiasts can take a ride on a vintage bus around Brooklands. Of course face Covering will be required.

All in all Brooklands Museum have done a great job to make your visit safe and enjoyable. It a great museum with so much history and we feel at a great affordable price.

Opening hours have changed and as we said you do need to prebook but there’s not many places were you can step back in time to the days of innovation, determination and record-breaking on the site of the World’s first racetrack. 

For more information or to book your tickets CLICK HERE

Note: What’s On was invited to attend and we have not be paid for this review. This review is our own personal opinion of the venue.