Charities Working Together

Two local charities, Epsom RDA from Ewell and Park Lane RDA based in Teddington, have found a way of supporting each other during the Corona Virus/COVID 19 lockdown.

With only a small number of volunteers being allowed on site Epsom RDA were finding it a challenge to keep their grazing under control. At the same time Park Lane RDA were looking for extra grazing for some of their horses while they are not able to work during the lockdown. A few emails later and Epsom RDA have four new horsey residents in one of their fields.

Jo Lee, Epsom RDA Horse and Pony Trustee, explained: “This is a difficult time for all RDA Groups as our riding activities are suspended and our fundraising events cancelled. We are too aware of how expensive it is to feed horses and thought that another RDA might be able to make use of our extra grazing. We asked the RDA Regional office if they knew of another Group who we could support in this way. Park Lane RDA came back to us almost immediately. We are so pleased to have been able to help out.”

Natalie O’Rourke from Park Lane RDA said: “We are relieved to have been able to find somewhere for four of our horses to be able to enjoy some grazing and have a lovely field to run about in. It’s a tremendous weight of our minds. RDA is known for its’ community spirit and this is another example of two Groups stepping up to support each other at this difficult time.”

Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association (Epsom RDA) provides disabled people with the opportunity to ride to benefit their health and well-being.

It’s provides over 3,000 riding lessons for 350 disabled adults and children. Epsom RDA is entirely funded by donations and our own fundraising efforts.

For more information,please contact: Email: [email protected]

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