Clive Woodbridge to stand as Independent at General Election

Local Councillor Clive Woodbridge has decided to run as an independent at the General Election on 12th December. Here is a message from Clive he has asked us to share

“National party politics is a depressing spectacle at the moment and, frankly, we all deserve better.

For that reason I have decided to stand as an Independent candidate for the Epsom & Ewell constituency in the forthcoming general election. I’ve worked as a local councillor for more than 12 years, including five years spent in the Council leader role, and am currently Deputy Chairman for the Local Government Association. I therefore believe I am a credible Independent alternative to the candidates being offered by the major political parties. You will be able to rely on me to always vote in the interests of local residents, putting the needs of Epsom & Ewell, not any political party, first.

I care passionately about Epsom & Ewell and its people and my only desire is to work to the best of my ability on behalf of this wonderful constituency. I will be free to speak and act for our community in a way that party politicians are not. For me, there will be no party whip or aspiration for a highly paid ministerial position; just pure enthusiasm to work tirelessly alongside like minded MPs of all parties, including any other Independents, and represent local people on the issues they tell me are most important to them.

More details of my campaign, and how to get involved, will be made available shortly, but for now residents can follow me on Twitter @CliveEwell for updates. I have also set up a crowdfunding page to help me run an effective campaign that can reach out to all parts of the constituency, including Epsom, Ewell, Stoneleigh, Ashtead, Nork and Tattenhams. (

It is going to be hard taking on an established Conservative MP with a big majority. But I will do my best to offer a realistic challenge, and make the case that, for the first time in decades in Epsom & Ewell, there is a viable alternative on the ballot paper who has real chance. If, like me, you are despairing of all the party political options, rest assured you do now have a genuine choice when voting for your next MP in the December 12th general election.”

Clive has agreed to take part in our Question Time. There is still time for you to submit your questions Please email mail your questions to [email protected] by Sunday 17th November

2 thoughts on “Clive Woodbridge to stand as Independent at General Election”

  1. I am not sure it’s going to be productive to split the vote a this time. Perhaps it might be good to pull voters away from Grayling but a new candidate who isn’t aligned to a party is in for an uphill struggle against such an incumbent even if it is Failing Grayling.

    I wish you the best, but I am torn about what the most strategic vote is in Epsom at this stage.

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