Council Today Publishes Masterplan For Future Development in the Borough

The masterplan imagines and visualises how future growth and development might look in the borough in the longer-term. The masterplan document is not a statutory requirement but is a helpful tool to inform discussion about the best way to ensure that future development happens in a planned and coherent way and recognises the borough’s rich history and unique character.

The masterplan will inform the development of a Local Plan. The Local Plan is a statutory requirement, which Epsom & Ewell Borough Council will be asking residents, local businesses, community groups and others to input into this autumn.

The masterplan includes analysis and a recommended strategy for how the area can accommodate the government requirement for the significant increase in new homes within the borough and the associated necessary infrastructure.

The masterplan was guided by a comprehensive public consultation in 2017. This established that residents wanted new development to focus on the existing built up areas and provided homes for both young families and an ageing population. The consensus was also that new development could be more intense and taller than at present around retail centres, close to transport hubs and in Epsom town centre.

Following the public consultation, the council employed a variety of experts in various fields to determine how the public’s aspirations could be realised within national planning policy and the area’s physical and environmental restraints.

Councillor David Reeve

Councillor David Reeve, Chair of the Licensing and Planning Policy Committee, said “The masterplan is an important document that sets out how we are to meet the government requirement of 10,000 new additional homes within the borough and ensure we will achieve this growth in a way that ensures the borough remains a great place for people to live, work and study”.

The masterplan is available to download from the council website CLICK HERE

The Government have imposed a housing requirement on all Councils, including Epsom and Ewell, and the figure is non-negotiable. Using the methodology stipulated by government, the scale of housing demand within Epsom and Ewell is at least 579 new additional homes per year; over the Local Plan period (ending in 2037) this equates to about 10,000 new additional homes plus associated infrastructure, health care facilities, schools, etc.

The 2017 consultation ran through late September to the end of October. The various inputs and the subsequent report were published on the council website CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Council Today Publishes Masterplan For Future Development in the Borough”

  1. Surely they need to make sure there are adequate doctors and schools for roughly every 1500 more people accommodated ? As at the moment this is NOT happening and the whole system is becoming well overcrowded !!

  2. I sat waiting to get out of Scott’s Farm Road for over 5 minutes this morning … I guarantee that it will take double that if this building eyesore goes ahead.. I also guarantee that none of these councillors live in this area or will personally be affected by this awful building site.. but none of the local residents views were taken into consideration we were not even allowed to speak at the council meeting.. Also the so called experts couldnt even answer the questions that were put to them… also none of us were happy with all the slips of paper with scribbled messages that were being passed from one councillor to another…The builders must have a lot of influence one way.. or maybe another way… one thing I am sure of is that the local residents who are already paying council tax to help keep these councillors in the manor that they are used to are not giving up as easily as Epsom and Ewell Council think we are… Watch this space..


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