Desirables by Deborah

Zentangle inspired original mounted and framed artwork, special occasion cards and cushions all hand embellished with high grade rhinestones creating my trademark sparkle. Commissions accepted

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Desirables by Deborah
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Desirables by Deborah

Deborah is self-taught, working in pen and alcohol-based inks.
Interested in Zentangle patterning, she adapted the technique to represent texture and shading in her sketches. The finishing touch is embellishment with high grade rhinestones which are individually added to create her trademark sparkle.
Her initials DLW are hidden in the patterning of each piece of artwork.
Deborah accepts commissions and relishes the challenge of putting her spin on any subject.
Along with original artwork, Deborah has produced a range of special occasion cards and cushions printed with some of her most popular designs. Both ranges are hand embellished for that original feel.
Her work never photographs well, she keeps a digital portfolio on Facebook.....
Instagram #desirables_by_deborah
there you will be able to view videos showing the sparkle.


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