Education Resources

With the schools closed we have put together some online education resources links to help past the time and to help continue with education. If you know of any useful sites we can add to this post please email us a link .

Online Resources 

A great place to start is Chatter Pack the site has interesting blogs but also a whole host of info and links including their Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families

Another site used a lot by schools is Sparkle Box  this is aimed at Primary years and has 1000’s of free downloadable resources. My only advice with this page the adverts on the site look as if there are part of the site so be aware what you are clicking. But it’s still worth a visit.

Twinkl offers free and paid educational resources from Early Years up to KS4 and also SEND and EAL. They also have an Home Learning section which offers resources and packs for parents to use during school closures.

Of course the BBC’s Bitesize website covers all areas of the curriculum, ranging from primary school level up to GCSE exams. It’s free to use and includes animations, revision flashcards and interactive sections to help your kids learn.

Oxford Owl is aimed at children aged three to 11 years old and is free to use. With expert advice, educational resources and free eBooks to support children’s learning at primary school and at home, from Oxford University Press.

Top Marks  like Chatter Pack and Twinkl is aimed at children aged three to 18 years old and is an independent educational website for kids, parents and teachers.  It’s free to use and links through to useful online resources for subjects including maths, science and languages.

Physical Education

Its not just the mind that we need to exercise but the body as well. Local lad Joe Wicks is running live free PE classes every weekday morning at 9am to keep kids fit during school closures on his YouTube Channel to join in CLICK HERE

The NHS also has a great page full of exercises for the whole family fun gym-free activities to improve your health and fitness. CLICK HERE BUT remember to stay in your own home. 

Jemma, a final year student at Laines Theatre Arts will be hosting FREE kids Jazz Dance Classes via Zoom for more details email Jemma CLICK HERE

Online Museums  and Galleries 

Due to Covid-19 we are all having to spend more time indoors but thanks to Google Art & Culture page you now have access to over 500 museums and art galleries around the world.

We are so lucky to have London on our doorstep and in normal times we would just hope on the train and we would be exploring this amazing museums. The good news is you can still explore but from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Practical Educational Fun

Its all well and good learning from a screen but you brain needs more than just looking at images. So why not try some practical stuff. 

The BBC Good Food has hundreds of recipes for you to choose from. You can even browse by ingredients to find your perfect recipe by adding your favourites or leftovers below.

WOW Science is a great page. From making bogies to creating a tornado in a bottle, this website is packed full of fun and weird science experiments that you can try at home for primary school ages. 

For secondary school kids Home Science YouTube channel is packed with a lot of amazing science experiments, chemical reactions and optical illusions. 

If you decide to try any experiment at home


Followers Suggestions

Here are more links sent to us our followers 


However long the schools are closed we still need to educate our kids and to keep us all safe from Covid-19.

Its going to be hard to keep them off Playstations and Xboxes etc but all children need to play so don’t be to hard on them. For the older children it’s a great way for them to talk to their friends online

I hope this helps if you have any useful links please email us at [email protected]