Ewell Village Fair

This years fair was very special. It was the 40th Anniversary of the the Ewell St Marys Morris Men. The event started as normal outside the Green Man, where Ewell St Marys were joined by 1st Sedgley Morris Men, Phoniex Clog, Pilgrim Morris Men, Rampant Rooster, Spring Grove Morris Men, Thames Vally Morris Men and the Mayor and Mayoress of Epsom Ewell

After several dances and some ale the group marched down Ewell High St towards the Watch House in Church St. The Watch House was built in 1700’s and as well as being a lock up for the local trouble makers and drunks it also housed the village fire engine until the 1860’s.

It was now the time for “Refreshing the Wastrels” this tradition is linked to the story of a young man who after to much drink was put in the watch house. His friends feeling he needed a drink passed a clay pipe through the bar window and poured ale down the pipe to the young wastrel.

Now days its down with a hose pipe and a funnel.


Once refreshed the group moved onto Ewell Village Fair at St Mary’s. For more dancing and grinning through a horse collar. Then on mass all the Morris Men, as one, danced¬† together in a wonderful spectacular of colour and the sound of bells ringing and sticks banging.

As usual the fair was a wonderful community event with pony rides, face painting, flower stall and loads more.

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