Highway Grass Cutting to Recommence

Highway grass verges will start to look tidier this week, thanks to action taken by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, after the start of the grass cutting season was interrupted due to the Covid-19 response.

Councillor Neil Dallen, Chair of the Environment and Safe Communities Committee, said “Following the recent good weather and rain, the grass is now in need of cutting. Leaving it any longer would make it difficult and impractical to cut.

“It is particularly important that we keep the grass fairly short at the moment as people are using grass verges to maintain social distancing while daily exercising.

“We also need to ensure that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can see clearly at junctions and bends in the road”. 

The borough council usually cuts the verges six times a year.  Four of these are paid for by Surrey County Council as the local highway authority. The additional cuts are carried out as a result of requests from borough residents in previous years.

Councillor Dallen added “We know that roadside verges are often home to a wide range of plants, insects and other animals and will take this into account where it is safe and practical to do so. We continue to do a lot to maintain and enhance biodiversity within borough and we are investigating ways to improve highway verge management in future years”.

Grass cutting is weather dependant and council plans can change depending on weather and ground conditions, and on the rate of grass growth. Because of the interruption to the start of the grass cutting season, the results of the first cut may look messy. We request residents’ understanding.

10 thoughts on “Highway Grass Cutting to Recommence”

  1. What a shame you can’t just leave them for the wildlife and help nature – gone are the days of neat and tidy for the sake of it! Save the money and put it towards mending the dangerous things like potholes in the roads and unsafe pavements!
    “We know that roadside verges are often home to a wide range of plants, insects and other animals and will take this into account where it is safe and practical to do so. ” So hope you do!

  2. Please see all the comments left on Whats on in Epsom’s FB post with this article in it – so many people want them left alone!

    1. Leave it alone the wildlife has come back and the wildflowers are perfect for bees and butterflies!

  3. Fix the roads first – the verges are havens for wildlife and should be left for as long as possible!

  4. Please leave them alone.

    They look lovely as they are, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of wildlife and butterflies are everywhere.

    For people’s mental health at this very difficult time leave the beautiful flowers alone.

    I work in anaesthetics and it really lifts my spirit on my drive home from the hospital after a very long and stressful day to see the beauty our verges have created.

    Why don’t you fix the roads instead and let nature have it’s day!!

    Kind regards
    Alison Milligan

  5. Why cut? Save money and save the verges for the wildlife! I don’t want to look at neat, sterile green flat verges, i would much rather see spaces with colour, texture and buzzing with LIFE!

  6. What about collecting brown bins and opening the tip? It would be very easy to social distance & would save the inevitable queues when they do re-open !
    I agree with others, the grass verges are hardly a priority & the wildlife is benefiting which can only be a good thing!

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