Just Because Day at Epsom Primary School

On Friday 24th Jan I was invited back to my old school Epsom Primary, or as I called it back in 1969-1975 Pound Lane School. The event was Just Because Day. A special day where staff, children, parents and visitors celebrate helping others with an act of kindness.The idea behind the day is to celebrate doing something for nothing and making the children feel valued. 

Michelle Pollard Head of School

Speaking to Michelle Pollard Head of School she said ” Value is something that gets distorted and can sometimes be related to what you got or finance but actually what you can do for your community, your friends, your family  and others is a life skill and is so important” She added “As well as all the wonderful ideas the children, staff and parents have come up with its escalated now with local businesses and independent schools getting involved which is great and looking to expand working with these groups in the future.”

The morning started with a school assembly some of the children had a special gift and a lovely poem for one of the teacher who is expecting. The poem was lovely and that was the cue for the tissues all round. The Choir started singing Bruno Mars Count On Me with the whole school joining in. I knew I was in for a special day, make sure you watch the video with the sound on,. 

During the assembly one of the local independent schools involved  St Christopher’s School presented the school with a check of £2,000 to go towards new equipment 

Annie Thackray presented with a Thank You card from pupils of Epsom Primary

Headteacher Annie Thackray told me “St Christopher’s has been working with Epsom Primary for several years due to our shared passion for literature.  Epsom Primary have attended every one of our ‘Great Read’ competitions and their avid readers often win prizes by finishing in the top 3 teams.  This link allows us to see what goes on inside this amazing school and you only have to look at their incredible library to know that inspiring and developing a love of literature is at the heart of their ethos.  When we heard about their ‘Just Because Day’ we were eager to get involved.  As a registered charity we have a responsibility to support schools wherever we can and this partnership has been successful because we see first-hand just what a difference we can make.  The money will buy some fabulous Early Years equipment and we are delighted to be able to help.  Our wonderful PE teacher Mrs Sarah Pryor was also keen to get involved and as she is a netball specialist, Headteacher  Mrs Michelle Pollard, warmly welcomed her to teach netball skills on Friday afternoon as part of this day of kindness.”

Inspirational is the best word that I could use to describe Michelle Pollard.  Her drive and energy to make the children’s educational journey as magical as it can be has seen her introduce a raft of initiatives such as their annual Shine Awards. We are delighted to be working together and look forward to future opportunities.

Throughout the day the Parents cleaned the lower years play area, St John’s School gave Cricket Lessons, Sutton & Epsom Rugby Club popped in to run a training session for the school rugby team, City of Freemen’s band joined the school band. There were talks by the Children Trust and loads more. Some of the children also visited Applyby House Care Home 

We love this idea and great lesson for a lot of us to learn. Life is not all about money, It helps, but a kind act goes a long way. At the end of the assembly there was a saying on the screen 

” If you have to choose between being Kind & being Right choose being Kind and you will always be Right”

Make sure you watch the video below to get a small taste of a wonderful day.

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  1. I love working at Epsom primary school. Our whole team is dedicated, motivated and 100% in existence for the children.

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