Lester Bowden to close fashionwear and Re-Brand

On February 21st Lester Bowden will be closing their fashionwear department. The shop will then be renamed Stevensons School Uniform Outfitters and will feature expanding Schoolwear and Sportswear departments

Stevensons, the UK’S largest independent schoolwear retailer took over the ailing Lester Bowden store in 2017, and has since invested over £100k into refurbishing and upgrading the fabric of the building and implementing new systems.

As a team they are very proud of the new brands (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Gant etc.) that Andy the fashionwear buyer has attracted into the store since 2017, which have certainly had a far wider appeal to the local shopper and Andy should take most of the credit for the increased fashion wear sales and footfall that has resulted.

However as a Schoolwear company they are always looking to expand and innovate within their schoolwear and sportswear ranges both here and at any of our other 16 Schoolwear retail stores, so it is with significant thought that they have decided to close down the small but popular fashion wear arm of the business to focus on expanding our core business model at the Epsom branch.

The recent investment has really been quite staggering, there has been a significant increase in schools and clubs that have signed up to partner with them here in Epsom. The store for those who may remember was a very tired building not in keeping with modern shopping experiences, but now the improvements have helped make this a far more positive place to shop and work.

They have had some great people who have worked there in the fashion department over the years, all with a tale or two to tell and they have had some absolutely wonderful and loyal customers as well, so I would personally like to thank all and sundry.

The store will of course remain open following the end of the ‘fashion’ sale, as the School Uniform and Sportswear departments at the top of the shop are moved to the more accessible ground and first floors. In this time they will also be expanding their sports equipment section to include a greater range of equipment. Alongside this they will look to continue the renovations and investment within the store. Following the closure of the Fashion sections the store itself will be renamed ‘Stevensons School Uniform Outfitters’, to better reflect the retail offer.

Looking to the future they are seeking additional staff to help with the number of new school partners which have recently signed up. (See https://www.stevensons.co.uk/careers/). They will also recruit for temporary staff between June and September and with the expansion this year they will be looking to employ significantly more temporary summer staff so please keep an eye out for this from the end of March if you would like to join their team.

Due to the closing of the Fashion wear departments there is currently up to 70% off Sale in Mens and Womens Fashion while stocks last.

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  1. Will there be equestrian items within the sportswear department as the shop used to have a very big range?

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