Message From Chris Grayling MP regarding Epsom Hospital Funding

Dear constituent

You may have seen that over the weekend the Government announced a multi-billion pound programme of hospital upgrades and modernisation around the country over the next few years. As part of the announcement it said that around £500 million would be allocated to the Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust to modernise our local hospitals.

Clearly this is good news for us locally, as it will mean state-of-the-art modern facilities for patients in this area. But it does have potential implications for the future of Epsom Hospital.

As I have mentioned in previous bulletins locally, the NHS leadership in South West London and Surrey has decided that it wants to build a new specialist hospital to provide all the more complex treatments for our area. It has done a substantial amount of feasibility work, and although it has been clear that it has not chosen between Epsom, St Helier and the old Sutton Hospital site as a location for the proposed centre, its preference is to create a new centre at Sutton. This would be integrated with the Royal Marsden Hospital, and would provide an emergency centre for serious conditions as well as a leading facility for all aspects of cancer treatment.

For those who do not know the Sutton site, it is at Belmont, just beyond the roundabout at the end of the dual carriageway section of the A217 which runs north from the Banstead roundabout.

I will continue to argue that the new facility should be at Epsom, which is at the centre of the geographic area served by the Trust. I will strongly oppose moving services to St Helier, as I have done many times over the past eighteen years whenever such a move has been proposed.

But I also want to get your opinions about the Sutton alternative, which does clearly have benefits.

I should say that in all circumstances Epsom Hospital will remain open, and wherever the new acute unit is sited, Epsom will retain most of its existing services. Part of the new money will be used to modernise the Epsom site, and the existing buildings are likely to become a centre for treating the frail elderly, potentially with an increase to the number of beds on the site.

So this debate is not about whether Epsom will close. That is not going to happen. But it could be about whether some of the high-end services move to a new centre at Sutton alongside the Marsden.

A major Government investment in hospital services locally is clearly good news for this area and will improve patient care. But it does also beg questions for us about how and where it is done.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Please email me at [email protected] to let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Message From Chris Grayling MP regarding Epsom Hospital Funding”

  1. As a becoming elderly lady and one who does not drive, moving the hospital to Sutton will not be of any good to myself or any other elderly person. I have osteoarthritis and sometimes need treatment at the hospital.

  2. Yes we need more beds for the frail and elderly but I’m concerned that Epsom Hospital will become a convalescent/cottage hospital. We need to maintain a local A&E unit on site at Epsom. Traffic will only get worse and lives could be lost on long ambulance journeys.

  3. As I raised in a previous comment, wouldn’t it be a better idea to plough some money into recruitment and paying existing nurses a proper wage?? What’s the point of expanding when there are no where near enough nurses currently to ensure patient care and safety. We need to address the cost of agency workers and make nursing more appealing as a career with a wage appropriate to the role!!

  4. I’m curious as to what is actually being said in this article as it seems to be a little vague.

    Firstly what percentage of this 500 million has been allocated, or is likely to be allocated to improvements to Epsom Hospital?

    Can we use clear language, are we saying the A&E department at Epsom would be closed? This is not clearly specified.

    He refers to “a hospital to provide all the more complex treatments…” and “wherever the new acute unit is sited, Epsom will retain most of its existing services…” does this imply Epsom would lose certain departments? Again, A&E for example.

    I think the language needs to be clear here.

    Finally, having used A&E at Epsom for all my family for, at times, life threatening situations, I think it prudent to share these figures.

    My home to Epsom A&E – 14 minutes in clear traffic.

    My home to Sutton A&E – 38 minutes in clear traffic.

    The threat to life here should be clear and something that needs to be strongly communicated to whoever is planning these changes.

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