Update from Chris Grayling MP

Dear constituent

I am writing to you with some further updates about the Coronavirus crisis.

Most importantly, for those who have found themselves missing out on the employment support scheme because they were not on the payroll on the 28th February, the Government has just announced that the date will be moved forward to the 19th March. This will help those who were between jobs on the 28th and means that new employers will be able to furlough them as well.

Here are the details which I hope will be helpful.

Click here for details of the Government Furlough scheme

Use of paper lanterns in honour of the NHS staff

You may have seen that there is a suggestion that people should buy and release sky lanterns in honour of the work being done by our NHS staff. Please do not do this. There are many ways to celebrate the extraordinary work being done by our local and national NHS teams but this is not one of them. These lanterns are a fire hazard, particularly in dry weather, and are more likely to add to pressure on the emergency services.

Some people have contacted me about how they can best make a donation to help those in difficulties locally. I am supporting the local Foodbank, which is doing a very good job helping people who are struggling. If you want to make a donation then please do so via this link. Epsom and Ewell Foodbank – Covid19 Crisis Appeal

Best wishes
Chris Grayling

For the full list of government guidelines and advice CLICK HERE

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One thought on “Update from Chris Grayling MP”

  1. Please note that wearing the usual cheap masks hardly protects the person wearing them as the viruses are about 100 times smaller than the holes in the masks.

    If you are infected, then the mask protects other people from your damp breath and from any sneezes and coughs.

    Staff in ordinary theatre operations wear masks to protect vulnerable patients from some of the infections that staff may be carrying unknowingly.

    Currently, they probably are trying to wear better masks, if available,to protect both ways.

    Mr. Helpful.

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