West Ewell Primary School “Pick and Mix”

We were invited to West Ewell Primary School on Friday 19th July to see their “Pick and Mix session”

Here is Julie Larter, one of the teachers, explaining more about it.

All pupils, from Reception upwards choose coloured card which is linked to an activity and mix with children of different ages in another classroom, to enjoy an hour of enrichment. This term their pick and mix theme is celebrating their links with international schools. They are currently partnered with schools in South America, Uganda and across France with whom we communicate regularly. Next year they will have some exciting new collaborations planned, with other schools across Europe. Their pick and mix extravaganza brings a fun element to learning a little bit more about another country, through creative activities such as art, drama, music and dance.

In the hall children from all years mixed together to learn a Irish Ceili Dance from Irish Dancers Shannon Brawn and Sarah Mills. The children and the odd teacher were shown the 4 stages of a Ceili. Once there had been several practices Shannon and Sarah got on the stage to lead the Ceili. The children were wonderful and picked it up very quickly.

Unfortunately due to the school policy, which we fully understand, we are unable to show you the children dancing but here Shannon and Sarah leading the dance to give you an idea. 

Well Done West Ewell Primary School we think this is a great way to end a school year having fun and learning at the same time and Thank You for inviting us.

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  1. I am very lucky to have been a volunteer at this lovely, friendly school for seven years now and I would like to wish everyone, both wonderfully caring staff and pupils, very happy holidays. I hope to see you all again in September.

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