X-Factor Scarlett Lee Wedding

We were honoured to be invited along to Scarlett and her fiance Nathan Shaw wedding at Christ Church, Epsom on Friday 30th August 

The church was decked out in white and pink flowers with a beautiful white archway as you entered the church. Down the central aisle Scarlett had a moving message for her Dad that read: 
” Dad of all the walks we’ve ever taken I will remember this one FOREVER”

Guests started arriving from 11:30am. The wedding was planned for 12:30pm but everyone knew Scarlett would be late but the question was how late?  The fashion  and the wonderful hats and hair styles wouldn’t have looked out of place at The Derby or Royal Ascot. The tight knitting of the hair must have taken ages and were a masterpiece of the stylists work. Hats and fascinators of all shapes and size were on show but the two that stuck out for me were the red love heart and arrow and a beautiful pale pink and blur feathered fascinator which the colours matched the dress perfectly. It was noted that Rosemary, Christ Church vicar, was very keen on the angel wing shoes.  

As well as family and friends Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey were also guests. Scarlett had sung at their wedding earlier in the year. There was also 2018 X-Factor contestants and before and during the service Nicole Lawerence from 2009 X-Factor entertained the congregation with her powerful soul voice.

By now 12:30pm was fast approaching and no sign of Scarlett. Nathan, in a blue checked suit, had arrived wondering how long before his future wife will turn up. Joined by his 5 Best Men, all dressed in matching blue suits, he chatted to guests and showed us the wedding ring.

It was now nearly 1:30pm when word went around the cars where near. All the guests were ushered into the church and for us and the fans that had come to watch the wait was almost over. The convoy of 2 vintage vehicles carrying the bridesmaids and a white Rolls Royce  with Scarlett and her mum and dad inside.

First out was the 10 bridesmaids, in white dresses and 2 page boys in blue checkered suits. They were followed by Scarlett’s Mum and Dad and then the moment everyone was waiting for Scarlett. Scarletts dress was a beautiful pink with a train as long as wide. We guesstimated about 8-10ft long and about 6ft wide. She had no problem walking down the path towards the church holding her dad’s hand while mum attended to the dress behind.

At the doorway the wedding party halted and few final words between Scarlett and her dad, the bridesmaids got in line and waited for the wedding march to begin and then off they all went in to the church.

The service lasted about 45 minutes and while the register was being signed Nicole Lawerence performed again. The happy couple walked down the aisle with big smiles on their faces waving to family and friends. Outside the church they posed for just a few photos before heading into the car and off to their wedding reception. 

We like to wish Mr and Mrs Shaw a long and healthy life together and Thank You both for letting us share your happy day.

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